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It’s time to bring that lost charm of your rug back. Invest in our rejuvenating, deep rug cleaning service in Los Angeles, CA. With gentle yet thorough cleaning practices, we promise to transform your worn-out rug from drab to fab! Contact us now!

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Rug Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Quality Rug Cleaning in Los Angeles

Rug is certainly a precious addition to your space but it never stays the same forever! With time, it gets exposed to tons of foot traffic, bringing in dirt, dust, stains, and wear and tear to its delicate material. This makes it not only look dull and dingy but also takes a toll on its lifespan, damaging its fibers in the long run. Although homely cleaning helps keep it visibly neat, your rug needs much more than that for a deep, comprehensive care. And that’s when our professional rug cleaning comes into the picture.

At Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners, we take pride in offering the best quality rug cleaning in Los Angeles, CA. We have a well-qualified and knowledgeable team who understands your rug’s unique cleaning needs to provide it with deep care and cleanup. Our team uses chemical-free, gentle cleaning solutions and approaches that undo its signs of wear and tear and bring your precious rug back to its most appealing and truly spotless state. Get the right rug care by contacting our experts today!

Our Rug Cleaning Process

We know your rug is delicate and precious and that’s why, we follow an extensive yet gentle cleaning process to provide it with the right and deep care it needs. Throughout the cleanup, we use only safe and green cleaning solutions and effective equipment to deliver the highest quality cleaning results. Here’s how we work.


We thoroughly vacuum your rug to remove the surface soil and debris from its fibers.

High-Powered Steam Cleaning

With a high-powered pressurized heating system, we steam clean your rug to get all the ingrained dirt and germs out.

Manual Spot-Cleaning

Any remaining stains or spots are treated by hand with non-toxic, safe stain-treatment solutions.

Drying & Inspection

We allow your rug to completely dry with the help of powerful air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers.

Expert Cleaning with Guaranteed Results

Don’t rely on merely DIY solutions to provide your rug with the attention it deserves. With our expert rug cleaning in Los Angeles, we deliver the most comprehensive and best-quality results your rug needs. Our team treats every rug with care and attention to detail. With non-toxic and in-depth cleaning, we’ll bring the lost charm of your rug, revealing its true glory to make it last for many years to come. Schedule our deep cleaning by contacting our team today.

We offer you to drop off your rug at our facility or have us pick it up from the comfort of your home for free! Call Now!

What Our Client Say?

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Michael Pompeo Avatar Michael Pompeo
June 18, 2024

My living space has been transformed by Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners! Their steam cleaning service for carpets is unmatched. My carpet looks brand new, and the team was competent. Strongly... read more

Jacqueline Turner Avatar Jacqueline Turner
June 16, 2024

My mattress looks so much cleaner and fresher now that Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners cleaned it. They were meticulous and polite. This is the firm to contact if you need... read more

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June 16, 2024

What a difference, wow! My ancient carpets received a makeover and revitalization from the Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners crew. They use cutting-edge methods for cleaning carpets. They also provided me... read more

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June 16, 2024

My mattress is in excellent condition thanks to Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners. It feels as though you're back on a cloud! The staff was really cordial and productive, and their... read more

A Google User Avatar A Google User
June 16, 2024

My encounter with Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners was excellent. They did a fantastic job steam cleaning my living room's carpet. It was clear that great care and attention to detail... read more

Jason Provence Avatar Jason Provence
June 16, 2024