Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners does more than just carpets. Our team excels at Hardwood Floor Cleaning. Your floors will only be cleaned by seasoned IICRC certified technicians. The gold standard in the hardwood floor cleaning industry.
Having your hardwood floors professionally cleaned comes with significant benefits. Hardwood floor cleaning will:

  • ward against everyday damage from dust, dirt, oils and other contaminants
  • save you money by not having to get a flooring replacement
  • extends the life of the hardwood floors
  • restores the shine and luster of your floors back to showroom new

How it works

Cleaning Hardwood flooring is a multi-step process. Our technicians will first do a thorough inspection to determine your flooring material. This helps us decide the best cleaning method. Then our team will move any furniture out of the way to ensure the entire hardwood floor is cleaned. Next, our technicians will start the cleaning process itself with professional cleaning tools. Cleaning tools that are dustless, odorless, & non- toxic. Our cleaning process will remove most scratches, wear and tear, even discoloration! Finally, we will then apply a coat of gloss that will restore that shine and luster.

Contact us today to schedule a cleaning. We're a 5-star top rated company that provides a hassle and worry-free experience. We're always on time and on budget. Our top of the line service and cleaning will make your wood or laminate floors look new and amazing.