About Us

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners

Here at Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners, we are committed to making our customers’ floors exceptionally clean and safe. We achieve this goal by using only non-toxic, allergy free, and green ingredients in our cleaning solutions. Sustaining a clean floor is essential for good air quality and reducing harmful bacteria in any living environment. Here are some reasons to hire a professional to clean your carpets:

  • Eliminate dust mites, allergens and trapped-in soil
  • Reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, disease and mold
  • Remove stains and spots already present
  • Reduce the effects of wear (especially in high-traffic areas)
  • Restore the natural, clean appearance and texture of the carpets
  • Extend the life of the carpets
  • Protect your carpet using a protector to prevent future stains

Experienced & Reliable

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners is considered one to be of the most reliable carpet cleaning companies in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our team has the best-trained and seasoned technicians who are IICRC certified- this is the golden standard in the carpet cleaning industry. Our four step cleaning process is efficient, thorough and powerful; our service is fast, exceptional, and affordable.